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- Benjamin Franklin

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John Gyles Education Center

Project Funding

If you are involved in a project for which you need to raise funds, we may be able to help. Send us a description of your proposed project by regular mail (maximum 200 words) and we will provide an assessment and recommendation at no cost. Our address is:

259 Brunswick St., Suite 103
Fredericton, NB
E3B 1G8

Education Funding Counselling

If you are having difficulty finding suitable funding for your education, we may be able to help. We may be able to connect students with appropriate sources.

Grant Proposal Writing

If you are an individual or an organization that requires the submission of a grant proposal, depending on the situation, we may be able to provide a professional service at a competitive hourly rate.

Retirement Funding Proposal

If you are planning early retirement, or are already in retirement and require additional funds, we have a new program that is designed to assist you in reaching your goals. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Debt Reduction Solutions

If you are deeply in debt and would like to look at consolidation or other alternatives, we provide advice and referrals.

Family/Individual Income Enhancement

We have a new program designed to help families and individuals earn extra money each month. This program is the first of its kind and will replace our existing program. It has the potential to be exactly what is needed in this new patch work economy.

Professional Referral Service

If we are not able to help you with the resources that we have available, we will refer you to other professionals in Canada and the United States at no cost.

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